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I've made wedding albums in the past, but I have never been THIS excited before. Mostly because we were working with Red Tree Albums, who produce hands-down the best wedding albums I have ever seen. I suppose that's why we proudly work with them, huh?

We like to inspect the wedding albums ahead of time, to ensure that everything is sorted, but since working with Red Tree Albums, it's become sort of a given that the albums are going to come out perfectly every time. The quality and craftsmanship of these books is unmatched, and the fact that the pages to every album is thick and doesn't crease, as well as the lay-flat binding, it's no wonder why we're so confident our couples will enjoy these books!

Red Tree Wedding Album 1

When a couple has approached us about albums, we make sure that they get to experience the quality of these books. Wedding albums are an investment, and while there are companies out there who boast inexpensive products, it's necessary to remind everyone that you get what you pay for. And with these albums my Red Tree, you will continuously be happy with the timeless, long-lasting wedding albums they produce!

Take a look for yourself!

Red Tree Wedding Album 2
Red Tree Wedding Album 4

These particular albums we designed for January and Carl are the fabric covers, produced with beautiful Japanese silk and natural linens. We also produce a leather version for an additional cost that is just as classy and timeless, but really, it all comes down to a matter of preference. Either way, you're going to love the look and feel of these albums every time you pick it up to look through it!

Red Tree Wedding Album 5

You can see how thick the album and the pages are, thanks to the Fuji Crystal Archive paper!

Red Tree Wedding Album 3

Each wedding album comes with custom, personalized debossing that can read whatever you choose to enhance the wedding album.

Red Tree Wedding Album 6

Did we mention how thick and beautiful these pages are? Because they are thick, beautiful pages! I mean, just look at them in all their glory!

Red Tree Wedding Album 7
Red Tree Wedding Album 8

The best part about these albums is the image print quality. Each page is vibrant and tack sharp, with a micro-fold crease for a very tight crease that won't disrupt experiencing the photos. You get to view every photo as they were intended, allowing you to relive your special day for decades to come!

The important thing to us when shooting the day is to tell the story, and we want our wedding albums to accomplish the same thing. We put together the photos in a way that is unique to our couples' wedding experience - no two albums are ever the same! Whenever we design and create a wedding album, we want to ensure that each and every time you look through it, you're going to smile as you recount the memories!

We hope this gives you an idea into each wedding and engagement album we create, and we hope you consider investing in one for yourself when working with us for your special day!